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What's New: 4/9/19

We have an important announcement about a big change that is coming soon to your software. Additionally, we've made some improvements to your software that will add more functionality to reports.


Next Tuesday, April 16, we'll be making a change to the Communication Tab of your software. The Forms tab within this section will be removed, and the functionality will be relocated to more logical sections. Read more about why we are doing this on our help site. (Hint: It's to prepare for an exciting new software feature that is coming soon!)

Facility Reports

We've added the ability to export the General Ledger and General Ledger by Day reports for import into Entrata accounting software from the facility level of your software. To export for Entrata, just select Entrata (CSV) from the dropdown menu before clicking Generate Report.


You may notice that the CSV file that you export has several columns that will appear to be missing data. This is not a mistake - the set columns in the exported CSV are there to match Entrata's requirements for import.

You can learn more about the General Ledger and General Ledger by Day report on our help site.

Corporate Reports

We've added the ability to export the Corporate versions of the General Ledger report for import to Sage 300 or Entrata. Just select Sage 300 (CSV) or Entrata (CSV) before clicking Generate Report.



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