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What's New: 5/14/19

We've made some changes to your software that effect miscellaneous revenue settings. Additionally, we'd like to let you in on two exciting weekly webinars hosted by storEDGE. Keep reading to learn more!

Miscellaneous Revenue

We've moved your Miscellaneous Revenue settings to the Corporate section of your software. Moving these settings allows you to edit settings for multiple facilities at once, saving companies with multiple facilities the time of editing each facility one by one.



Weekly Webinars

Did you know that storEDGE offers two weekly webinars to help you learn more about your software?! We're excited about both new series and how much they can help both new users and users who have been using storEDGE for a long time.

For new users - Getting Started with storEDGE - every Wednesday

Join the webinar every Wednesday at 1:00 pm CT!


For everyone - Ask the Expert - every Thursday

Join the webinar every Thursday at 1:00 pm CT!


Pick the webinar that's most catered to your needs or join both to learn more about your software!



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