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What's New: 6/4/19

We've made some improvements to your software, including new functionality that gives you the ability to keep track of credit card expiration within your software and new Corporate settings for retail items.

New! Manage credit card expiration

When your tenants are enrolled in autopay or have a saved payment method on file and the credit card they're using expires, it's often an exhausting task to try to contact them to get the information updated. We're glad to tell you that those days are over because now your software can do it for you.


Now, you will receive notifications on your Task List when credit cards have expired or will be expiring soon. You can also set up your email and document templates to automatically send a tenant a notification that their credit card is expired or will expire soon.

Corporate Retail items settings

We've added Corporate Retail items to your software. These new settings enable you to add and edit retail items for multiple facilities at once, simplifying the process of managing retail for companies with more than one facility.


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