What's New: 6/11/19

We've made some improvements to your software and marketing websites. Read on to learn what has been updated!


Canceling leads

We've repaired an issue that prevented tenant ledgers from closing when a lead is canceled.

Management Summary

The issue preventing prepaid liabilities from filtering out move-outs on the Management Summary report has been resolved.

Delinquency rollback

We've repaired the issue that was causing delinquency events to fire on incorrect dates when Delinquency Rollback is enabled and a tenant makes a partial payment.

Marketing websites

Hide from API setting

We've repaired the issue that was causing units that were marked as Hide from API to show in units tables.

New! Custom favicons for marketing websites

We've added the ability for marketing websites to have custom favicons added. This feature allows you to have a custom image displayed on your website's browser tab.


If you'd like a custom favicon added to your marketing website, contact support@storedge.com.

Weekly webinars

If you'd like to get to know your software better, we're here to help. That's why we offer two weekly webinars! Join us every week and learn to use your software to its greatest potential.


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