Adding a custom favicon

A favicon is a small image that appears in a browser tab that represents your website. Although favicons are used in various places, such as in bookmarks lists and feed aggregators, a browser tab is the most likely place for you to see one.


If you'd like to add a custom favicon to your marketing website, our support team can easily add one for you. Creating your own favicon is easy - there are a variety of tools online that allow you to create one on your own. We recommend using to create your custom favicon. This tool allows you to use text, a logo or other image, or an emoji.

For best results when creating your favicon:

  • Use an image that is a square or equal on all sides.
  • Do not use text in your favicon image. If you must, limit text to 3 characters.
  • A favicon is 16x16 pixels - ensure your image will still be legible at that small size. It's best to start with an image 228x228 pixels or larger before scaling it down.

Once you've created your favicon, send it to and we'll add it to your marketing website for you.



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