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What's New: 9/10/19

Marketing websites

We've made an improvement to your storEDGE marketing website functionality.

We've removed the Use yield managed rates setting from storEDGE website settings. Since Channel Rates gives you more customization in regard to which rate appears on your marketing website and across other marketing platforms, the Use yield managed rates setting had become a redundancy.

If you are currently using this setting to send your managed rates to your marketing website, we've enabled the setting in Channel Rates for you. If you'd like to make further edits your Channel Rates settings, doing so is simple:

  1. Access your Channel Rates settings within your Corporate Software Settings.
  2. Find the storEDGE Website heading and select the rate you'd like to use from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click  > Facilities and select the facilities that you'd like to display the rates.
  4. Click Save.

The chosen rate will now appear in your website's units table. If the rate you chose is lower than your standard rate, strikethrough pricing will display.

📖 You can read more about Channel Rates and your Website Settings on our help site.

Did you know? You can set a rate specifically to be used on the web in your Revenue Management settings.

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