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Corporate Dashboards

Corporate Dashboards are available for users who have:

✅storEDGE software
✅storEDGE websites on the fully integrated website platform.

Corporate Dashboards aren't available for SiteLink users or for our legacy website platform at this time.

Your software enables you to build your own custom dashboard in the Corporate section of your software that allows you to control the way you view your marketing website data. You can customize the dashboard to show only the charts you want to see in the arrangement that works best for you.

This guide will provide insight into:

Accessing your Corporate Dashboard

Your Corporate Dashboard is located in the Corporate section of your software. To access it, click the star icon in the upper left corner of the vertical navigation bar.


Building your dashboard

If you haven’t built your dashboard yet, your dashboard screen will show a menu that allows you to add panels. A panel is a data chart or graph. There are four panels available to add to your dashboard:

  • Website: Leads and Analytics: This panel shows a detailed history of website lead traffic across all your facilities and breaks down your number of leads by month. This panel includes lead information such as forms, reservations, coupons, move-ins, calls, sessions, and page views. This information can help you understand your website leads’ behavior from month to month and assess website performance over time.
  • Website: Users and Behavior: The Users and Behavior data panel shows a number of website performance indicators, including your total number of leads and unique page views, as well as desktop vs. mobile session and user stats. This panel can help you better understand how your website is performing, and whether users are accessing it more across mobile or desktop.
  • Website: All Facilities Analytics/Lead Comparison: This panel displays a website performance overview for all of your facilities, showing the number of leads, sessions, page views, and unique page views in a table format. You can customize this panel, allowing you to compare data from one month to another. This helps you understand how your leads and page views differ from one facility to another.

To add a panel to your dashboard:

  1. Click Add to dashboard next to the panels you’d like to include in your dashboard. You can select as many panels as you’d like, and you can select multiple panels of the same type if you choose.
  2. Once you've selected the panels you'd like to add, click Close at the bottom of the window.

  3. Add more panels at any time by clicking the Add Panels button in the upper left corner.

Customizing dashboard panels

Each of your dashboard panels is customizable. To customize a panel, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the panel. From here, you can select facilities, change date ranges, and remove panels from your dashboard.


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