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What's New: 4/14/20

We've made some changes to your software's Rental Center settings to improve your experience providing your tenants with the option to access their accounts and pay online.

What has changed

  • We've moved your facility-level Rental Center settings to your Corporate software settings. 
  • Your Rental Center settings have been divided into two categories: Online Move-ins and Tenant Portal.


Your Online Move-ins settings give you control over the online move-in experience, such as whether or not autopay or insurance is required for an online move-in (and more).

Your Tenant Portal settings allow you to customize your Rental Center experience for your customers who use the Rental Center to pay online. In short, it helps you control your tenants' behavior in the Rental Center.

We recommend that you read our guide on Corporate Rental Center settings so you're well-informed about the changes and the capabilities of your Rental Center.



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