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What's New: 5/5/20

We've added a new, optional setting to your gate configuration that allows you to automatically generate gate codes at move-in. This gives you the convenience of automatically generating gate codes for tenants, but can be used as a security feature as well. When enabled, auto-generated gate codes will be withheld for online move-ins via the Rental Center. This ensures that tenants establish contact with you to obtain their gate code before accessing your property when they've completed an online move-in. 

Auto-generating gate codes at move-in

You can edit your Gate Integration settings from the facility level of your software. When you click Change gate integration from within your settings, you'll find details about your gate integration. The new setting, Automatically generate gate code for move-ins, is listed in your gate integration details.


When Automatically generate gate code for move-ins is set to Yes:

  • A new optional setting will open labeled Prefix gate codes with unit number. Selecting Yes here will ensure that gate codes that are generated start with the unit number. This can make them easier to remember for tenants.
  • When you perform a move-in for a tenant, the gate code will automatically be populated. You can provide this gate code to the tenant.
  • When a tenant moves in online via the Rental Center, they will not have an option to choose a gate code. A gate code will be generated in the software, but will not be displayed to them. Tenants will need to establish contact with you to obtain their gate code.

When Automatically generate gate code for move-in is set to No:

  • Gate codes will not be generated at move-in for managers.
  • Gate codes will not be generated for online move-ins via the Rental Center.
  • Tenants moving in online via the Rental Center will choose their own gate codes during the move-in process and can physically access your facility as soon as the move-in is complete.

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