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What's New: 8/25/20

We've made an improvement to how you gather information about vehicles that tenants are storing at your facility. These improvements affect move-ins that take place in-software and via the Rental Center. Additionally, we've added the ability to gather information about stored vehicles for tenants who already occupy units at your facility. This allows you to ensure that you have information about vehicles stored on your property.

Stored vehicles at move-in

We've added a section to the move-in process titled Stored Vehicles. During move-in, you can select Yes or No when a vehicle is being stored. When Yes is selected, the section expands with required fields to gather information about the vehicle, including make/model, VIN, license plate state/number, and a description.


Gathering information about stored vehicles is optional by default. You can make gathering this information required by accessing your Corporate Tenant Settings and enabling the setting labeled Require tenants to enter motor vehicle fields when storing a motor vehicle.


Adding a vehicle during a Rental Center move-in

If your tenant moves in via the Rental Center, they'll have the option to enter their vehicle details in the Additional Information step of move-in, right after providing an Alternate Contact. If a tenant selects Yes, they'll need to click +Add stored vehicle and enter details details about their vehicle to move forward with the move-in.


Adding a stored vehicle to a tenant's ledger

You can add a stored vehicle to a tenant's ledger after a move-in has already taken place by accessing the tenant's page and clicking Edit Rental next to their rental information.


You'll find the Stored Vehicle section just below the monthly rate. To add a vehicle, select Yes, add the vehicle details, and click Update Ledger to save your changes.


Stored vehicles will appear on your Walk Through report in the Vehicle column. This gives you insight into which vehicles are stored on your property, and where.


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