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What's New: 9/15/20

We've updated the algorithm that corresponds to a setting in your Gate Integration settings. 


Your Gate Integration settings on the facility level of your software include a setting called Generate gate code with only unit number and last 4 digits of phone number. When enabled, gate codes are generated at move-in exactly as the setting says - unit number + last 4 digits of a tenant's phone number. However, when unit numbers are lengthy, generating gate codes based on unit numbers/last 4 digits of phone numbers can sometimes result in a gate code that is longer than the maximum gate code length that some integrated gate providers will accept. When this happens, an error occurs and the move-in can't be completed.

We've updated the algorithm to shorten gate codes to an acceptable length. This means that if a unit number + 4 digits is longer than the maximum gate code length accepted by your integrated gate provider, the generated gate code will be shortened.

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