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What's New: 9/8/20

We've made some improvements to your software, including changes that affect Rentable status and tenant access to your facility. Read on to learn more.

Marking units as Rentable

We've changed the way you designate a unit as Rentable in your software. Previously, you could designate a unit as Rentable from your facility's Unit Settings. In order to provide more visibility into which units are rentable and to give you more control over which users at your facilities can edit which unit details, we've added an additional Rentable checkbox to the Unit page and added a permission to your software to control which users can edit this information.


A few things to know about marking units Rentable:

  • Units that are designated as Company Owned will be unrentable by default. Users will be unable to mark these units as Rentable. To make a company owned unit rentable, you'll need to remove its company owned status. You can read more about company owned units on our help site.
  • To mark a unit as Rentable, you will need the appropriate software permission enabled. You'll find Allow a user to mark a unit as rentable/unrentable via the Unit Page in your per-facility software permissions.
  • Dirty or damaged units may or not be available to be rentable - this is determined by how you've defined your Corporate Unit settings.
  • This change removes changing Rentable status from the Edit Units software permission. We recommend reviewing your permissions to ensure that your software users have permission to edit only the unit details that you want them to.

Gate Access Keypad and Time Zones added to Move-In

We've added the ability to edit keypad and time zones for gate access to move-in. These fields may or may not appear for your facility - it depends on which gate provider you are using. If your gate provider does not use time zone or keypad zones, these fields will not appear for you.


Editing the gate time zone and keypad zone at move-in will save you time of going into your Gate Integration settings and editing this information after move-in. You will still have the ability to bulk edit keypad and time zones from your Gate Integration settings if you wish.

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