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Importing and Exporting Delinquency Schedules

The Corporate Delinquency Import/Export tool is a simple way to reassign facilities to a new Delinquency schedule in bulk. 

To note, in order to use the Corporate Delinquency Import/Export tool, you will need the permissions necessary to edit a delinquency schedule.

For more information on Corporate Delinquency, please reference our documentation on Corporate Delinquency.

In order to add facilities to a delinquency schedule in bulk, you will need to upload an Excel document containing all of your new edits. 

From within your Corporate account, select Settings from the left navigation menu. 

Once in Settings, navigate to Software Settings from the top navigation bar. 

Select Current Schedules from under the Delinquency header. Once on this page, you will see the option to Bulk assign Facilities on the top right of your Delinquency Schedules table.


Click Export Template to download the Excel document needed to import any Delinquency changes in bulk. 

Once the Excel document has completed rendering with the most recent information, you will see this Export button replaced with a Download button.


Click Download

Once finished downloading, you will be able to access the file from your downloads folder. 

Do not edit the information within columns A-D. This must remain the same. 

In Column E, enter the name of the schedule you want to assign to each facility.


The example above demonstrates how to move Facility “one two” from Current Schedule one two initial to New Schedule SF Sample Facility 1 historical.

Please ensure that the Delinquency schedule name is formatted exactly as it is within column A.

Once completed, save the file as a CSV and click Import from the Current Schedules page.



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